Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer In The Hospital, Battling A Life Threatening Illness Or Major Injury. . .

Can you imagine… It’s summer! A child’s most anticipated time of the year.

Now imagine being that child spending the summer in the hospital, battling a life threatening illness or major injury. Instead of enjoying the sunshine, you’re taking medicine, receiving painful injections, being carted around for medical tests or recovering from surgeries.

That’s the summer that some children in our racing communities are facing, like those in our Speediatrics units - unless you help! Your gift today - $15, $25, $50 or more - will help us continue to provide medical services to more than 27,000 children!

Speediatrics helps kids in underserved communities to a speedy recovery by providing a unique combination of caring, commitment and kindness, amid a racing- themed décor. Z., each year, the number of children who need medical care continues to grow.

Please help us reach out to these children by making your secure,
tax-deductible online gift today!


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