Friday, August 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Leo!

Happy 3rd Birthday to Leo Benjamin Gordon

Jeff and Ingrid's son, Leo, loves playing with cars, especially Papa's #24 die cast cars. He really likes to play with them at home on the floor or table. The only thing was, he didn't have a race track to race them on, not to mention a few scratches that may have happened while doing a burnout with one of his cars.

Well, Mama talked to Papa and Papa talked to Opa (John Bickford), then Opa started designing with the help of Hendrick Motorsports' graphic design group. The result? Leo's very own 24"x36" vinyl re-positionable race track that he can take with him anywhere he goes!

Now, Leo's always got a track that he can race his #24 die cast cars on, that also helps prevent the surfaces he's racing on from being scratched.

They in the process of having Leo's race track reproduced and will have some available at in the near future.

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