Sunday, June 23, 2013

C Average or Better

Fans enjoy NASCAR event: June 22. 

Devry Scott’s mom told him that if he got a C average or better in school, she would fulfill a dream of his and take him to the NASCAR Nationwide Series Johnsonville Sausage 200 race on Saturday.

Thousands of fans flocked to Road America Saturday for the NASCAR Nationwide Series Johnsonville Sausage 200.

The 16-year-old Plymouth resident held up his end of the bargain and he, along with his four siblings, mom and grandpa, found a seat near the racers’ final stretch for the big race.

“I like everything about (NASCAR),” Scott said. “I love the speed. I love the competition. It’s just one of the best sports I can watch.

“Heck, getting out there and doing what they do is pretty impressive. Cars going over 100 miles per hour, I mean, it’s intense out there and I give these drivers a lot of credit,” he said.

Thousands of spectators joined the Scott family throughout the course of the three-day event, said John Ewert, communications director for Road America.

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