Wednesday, September 24, 2014

#NASCAR Foundation Seeking Funds

The NASCAR Foundation is seeking funds to continue its mission of helping children learn how to win, both inside and outside of the classroom, through a variety of educational opportunities. It is crucial that you join us to provide the innovative technological resources to students and teachers in the Kansas City area to help equalize the playing field in academics, as well as easing the financial burden carried by teachers.

They have until September 30th to reach their $15,000 goal to impact thousands of students in Kansas City schools grades K-12 through providing classroom donations focusing on innovation and technology this October.

How Your Donation Helps

  • $30 will provide a classroom with a new 3D printer filament roll to learn engineering and design!
  • $50 will provide a fit bit to a math class and provide data for hands-on projects!
  • $250 will provide an iPod to serve as a teaching resource to music teachers!
  • $500 will provide a tablet for classroom instruction!
  • $2500 will provide a 3D printer (including a full year of supplies) to help children learn design and cultivate their engineering skills!

Their Story

Currently, each school year teachers provide approximately 77 percent of the school supplies needed in their classrooms and yet many children still start each year without even the most basic supplies. While basic supplies might be within the financial means or provision of local community efforts, the higher cost items simply cannot be provided through these channels.

The NASCAR Foundation began identifying schools and teachers who presented requests for funding of innovative technological resources, including laptops, tablets, 3D printers, books, and related supplies. This September The NASCAR Foundation has been able to support schools in the Richmond, VA and Chicago, IL areas:

Richmond: The NASCAR Foundation funded 18 classroom donation projects, which impact 3,400 students in grades K-12.

Chicago: The NASCAR Foundation funded 22 classroom donation projects, which impact 4,500 students in grades K-12.

Check out our impact stories and learn more about our programs by visiting us on our website. Be sure to follow our efforts on Facebook and Twitter!

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