Thursday, December 5, 2013

Larson Brings Books To Elementary School

Reading is important for every kid growing up. With Target, who sponsors my race car, they do a lot of charity work for education and all sorts of things like that. It was a good opportunity for me to go there and experience that, it was my first time going to one of their library makeovers. It was just really awesome to see all the excitement on the faces of the children and the staff. - Kyle Larson
Kyle Larson Brings Books To Elementary School.
Kyle Larson / 21-year-old NASCAR Nationwide Series Driver (Photo Credit: Red Bull)

Last month, Kyle Larson, Target and The Heart of America Foundation renovated a Phoenix area school library, which brought 2,000 new books and a technology upgrade to Palm Lane Elementary. Larson even read to the kids, who got to take home books to keep. It’s all part of Target’s School Library Makeover program, which will give $1 billion for education by 2015.

Larson, a 21-year-old NASCAR Nationwide Series driver has moved up the ranks fast and has done well both on and off the track. With the holidays approaching, it’s the time of the year when we help our fellow man – and Larson, with the help of Target, recently did something amazing.

Kyle Larson: Earlier this morning, I got to go to Palm Lane Elementary School and help with other volunteers from Target to unveil their new library – it was pretty cool. They got 2,000 new books in there, all new carpet and shelving and a complete technology upgrade with new iPads and iMacs. Each kid got to leave with seven books to take home and they’re doing more at the school than just the library. It was neat to go there and get to read a book to them and see the excitement on their faces.

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